Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists – Mass Effect 3 Guide


Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists – Mass Effect 3 Guide

After returning to the Normandy following the events of Priority: Citadel 2, Specialist Traynor alerts you to this

★ Mass Effect 3 ▪ Insanity Engineer Guide – Ex-Cerberus Scientists ▪ Arrae/Gellix

Phantoms are so much more annoying without Stasis. D=
Game: Mass Effect 3
Platform: XBOX 360/PS3/PC
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc.

Difficulty: Insanity
Class: Engineer
Fresh Game (no imported characters)

Gameplay and Editing By: Wolfwood824
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Mass Effect 3 [#69] – Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists || Walkthrough

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Mass Effect 3

This mission is acquired from Specialist Traynor after the Cerberus assault on the Citadel. Talk to her to find out about a lead on something she deems interesting.

The mission begins with a landing on an area that is already under assault by Cerberus forces. If he survived Mass Effect 2, Jacob Taylor will be present and be injured in the firefight; if not, a stand-in character named Dr. Webber will be hit instead. After Shepard clears the initial pad area a conversation ensues. Jacob will vouch for Shepard to the refugee leader, Dr. Brynn Cole, but, in Jacob’s absence, Dr. Cole will be mistrustful due to Shepard’s past ties with Cerberus, forcing you to engage three more Assault Troopers before she’ll let you in.
You may talk to Jacob Taylor on entry and investigate into what’s happening. At the right, you can talk to a grieving doctor for some reputation points. Dr. Gavin Archer may be present at the top of the first flight of stairs, depending on your actions in Overlord. Once you speak to him, you have the option to set his mind at ease about his brother, which will net you Paragon points, or let him worry, which will net you Renegade points. Allowing him to worry will also cause him to commit suicide, removing him as a War Asset. Reminiscently you may notice the Overlord music playing when you fight your way to the satellite tower soon. Meanwhile you will also find a datapad with 2,500 credits, and another datapad with some insight into some of the research being done. Through the door is an Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade and a Weapon Bench. Up the stairs and through another door is a medical station.

Upon talking to Dr. Cole, Shepard will also be alarmed by the discovery that some of the scientists brought their families with them. Jacob/Dr. Webber will inform Dr. Cole that the installation’s roof-mounted anti-aircraft guns are offline. But first things first, take the time to explore Dr. Cole’s base.

On the top floor is a datapad, another datapad with 2,500 credits, a microscope that triggers a comment from Shepard about a poison designed for turians, another datapad about the work they were conducting, and a Shotgun High Caliber Barrel mod behind a crate near the door to the next area. You can also talk to Dr. Brynn and listen to the others for more information.

In the medbay you can find the Kassa Fabrications Greaves on some crates by the door, a datapad with 1,250 credits, another datapad from Jacob about the AA guns, a medical station on the wall, and you can talk to Jacob if he’s present.

Satellite Control Area
Shepard is tasked with restarting the AA emplacements. To do this, you’ll first need to restore satellite telemetry, so head out through the door and up the ladder. Be sure to grab the M-6 Carnifex on the pipe to the left. When you come around the corner, there are guards facing the wrong way, but they’re standing near a Shield Pylon, so if you want an ambush you’ll need to snipe the Pylon, hit both guards with a Chain Overload/Energy Drain, and then finally start shooting (alternatively, if you can get a Scorpion round to stick to the shield pylon, its explosion should take out the pylon and both guards near it). It might be easier to just do a stand-up fight. Either way, continue up the raised platform to find another Combat Engineer guarding the satellite control area.
Note: This Combat Engineer sabotaging telemetry controls cannot be damaged by gunfire until he turns around to acknowledge you, but you can use abilities such as Overload to get his attention and even damage him, which allows you to engage him before jumping down from the ramp if you wish.

Reinforcements will jump down to join him, and if you can place a Singularity under them, you’ll win without breaking a sweat. Pick up the SMG High Caliber Barrel behind the crates on the left after the drop down.

Occasionally, a Cerberus Assault Trooper will stay on the roof of the building to the right and fire down from there. Take him out fast, as there are few areas of cover where he cannot hit you anyway.

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Mass Effect 3 – Walkthrough (Part 69) – Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists (2 of 2)

A group of top-level scientists have cut ties with Cerberus and are fleeing their former employer. Rescue the scientists before Cerberus can find them. Part 2 of 2
Minos Wasteland – Arrae – Gellix

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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition PS5: Arrae Ex-Cerberus Scientists Walkthrough