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The Legend of Dragoon 2

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PSX Longplay [189] The Legend of Dragoon (part 02 of 16)

Played by: xRavenXP

Longplay of The Legend of Dragoon, a RPG game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation in 4 CDs.

The story revolves around Dart , a young warrior who as a child had his parents killed by a creature whom he calls Black Monster , which also destroyed his home village , he was raised in the village of Seles , where he trained to become a warrior and hunting the monster and avenge his parents, five years later, he learns of the war between the kingdoms of Sandora and Basil and worried, back to Seles, he found the city in ruins and much of population was massacred, the survivors say that the soldiers took Shana, Dart childhood friend, the hero then leaves Helena to Prison to rescue her and knows there Sir Lavitz, a Knight of Basil who came to rescue two of his soldiers, the two join forces and manage to save Shana from there the three get a journey, where they will discover the powers of Dragoon Spirits and behind this war is something far greater and that could mean the destruction of the world. As the game progresses know new characters (each with their own motivations, fighting styles, elements and personal questions) and many secrets about the Dragon Campaign, a war that occurred 11,000 years between Human and Winglies.

Undoubtedly one of the best RPGs of the Playstation , especially for its innovative combat system , where instead of choosing the option and wait for the result the player must press buttons at the right time to make the Adictions (combos , each character has its , except archers) and the changes in Dragoon , plus cutscenes with voice and narration! Most experience can be gained in boss fights, in common fights is for level up additions. This video is 100%, including:

All collected Stardusts*
All Additions learned
All Sidequests
Fight against Faust

*Note : I took all Stardusts, but one of them ended up not being shown in this video and is situated in the castle of Queen Theresa (cd 3) and it was very difficult to get back to the castle to get it on cd 4 and had to make a small cutting this stretch , I was unconditionally to show it in the video due to serious problems with PSXJin with disc change and some details. I gave the best I could and it was difficult to deal with such a problem that has PSXJin still hope you enjoy the video of this masterpiece. –
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The Legend of Dragoon OST Extended – World Map 2

The Legend of Dragoon – Complete OST

Game: The Legend of Dragoon
Release: 1999
Composers: Dennis Martin, Takao Miratsu

0:00 – Title
1:19 – Ruined Seles
3:54 – World Map 1 (Serdio)
6:06 – Village of Tragedy
8:08 – Lloyd’s Theme
10:49 – Whispering of the Trees
13:12 – Hellena Prison
15:14 – Battle 1
16:58 – Shana’s Theme
19:06 – Grassy Plains
21:43 – Creeping Fear (Marshlands)
24:19 – The City of Bale
27:01 – Royal Capital
29:46 – A Dragoon Killed in Action
31:30 – Together in Peace with You
33:46 – Uneasy State
35:24 – Boss Battle 1
37:38 – Dart’s Theme
40:10 – Hoax Village
42:26 – Enemy Attack!
44:46 – Echo of the Flame
47:11 – Riding on a Positive Rhythm
48:54 – Battle 2
51:09 – City of Commerce, Lohan
53:32 – Apparent Peace (Shrine of Shirley)
56:09 – Twilight of Rose
58:15 – Shana’s Mysterious Powers
1:00:12 – Arena Games
1:01:26 – Reminiscence
1:03:26 – Imperial Capital Kazas
1:05:47 – The Black Castle / Vellweb
1:08:03 – Requiem
1:09:14 – World Map 2 (Tiberoa)
1:11:44 – Menu Theme
1:13:26 – Death Frontier
1:15:58 – Peace Between Hills
1:19:36 – Store of Wonder
1:20:47 – Meru’s Theme
1:22:14 – Destitution
1:25:03 – Virage Embryo
1:25:57 – Boss Battle 2
1:28:41 – Tension
1:30:34 – Winds of the Sea (Queen Furry)
1:33:31 – Ghost Ship
1:36:25 – Frontier Village
1:38:50 – Midnight Waltz
1:41:13 – World Map 3 (Mille Seseau)
1:43:30 – Holy City
1:46:07 – Cleansing Chime
1:47:25 – Crystal Palace
1:50:06 – Domain of Magic
1:52:37 – Forbidden Land
1:54:51 – Anger of the Winglies (Battle 3)
1:57:19 – Dragon’s Heartbeat
1:59:42 – Silver Land
2:02:18 – Uneasy Origin
2:04:34 – Boss Battle 3
2:07:19 – Zieg’s Theme
2:09:36 – World Map 4 (Gloriano)
2:11:56 – Sorrow
2:14:00 – Aglis, the Magic City
2:16:15 – Dead City
2:18:31 – The Divine Tree
2:21:03 – Shana’s Anxiety
2:22:52 – Melbu Frahma’s Chant
2:25:24 – Last Battle 1
2:28:30 – Last Battle 2
2:30:34 – Last Battle 3
2:32:27 – Ending
2:35:15 – If You Still Believe

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What The Hell Happened To The Legend of Dragoon?

The The Legend of Dragoon was praised for its artistic elements like lush backgrounds and detailed character models, and even given compliments for some of its more inscrutable battle system elements. The reward went far beyond just positive critical reception though, as the game would sell astoundingly well in both the US and Japan, which was extremely rare for a JRPG of any type at the time.

So given all of that, what happened? Why did this game that launch to such success and then just kind of cease to become anything else? What the hell happened to The Legend of Dragoon and where is The Legend of Dragoon 2?