Eligor – Persona 5 Guide


Eligor – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Eligor from Persona

Persona 5 – September 19th: Monday Okumura’s Palace Walkthrough [HD 1080P]

September 19th: Monday Okumura’s Palace Walkthrough of Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Complete walkthrough: https://goo.gl/iYZUrq

Genre(s): Role-playing, social simulation
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Publisher(s): Atlus
Developer(s): Atlus
Release Date (NA): April 4th, 2017

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Persona 5 – How to create Flauros with Tarukaja for Caroline and Justine (Strength Arcana)


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(2017) Persona 5 Guide

Persona 5 How to create Flauros with Tarukaja for Caroline and Justine (Strength Arcana)

The [IMPROVED] Strength Confidant Fusion Guide for Persona 5 [NOT ROYAL]

DISCLAIMER: I used treasure and DLC personas for my recipes. Make sure you have Izanagi, Kaguya, and Ariadne DLC at the very minimum (better if you own all persona DLC for these recipes).

Yeah, I finally did it. Should have made it sooner, but better late than never and I am a person of my word. I have talked slower in this video and hopefully it’s a lot better to understand. I STILL PRONOUNCE PERSONA NAMES BADLY, BUT I’M TRYING. Get ready to dive into the intense world of Squid Game online with us!

Again, if you have even easier recipes let us know down below. More Persona content coming YUUUH

All gameplay was recorded by me.

Music credits:
Green Caterpillar – Masaru Imada Trio
Take Five Blues March – Takeshi Inomata and Sound LTD

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Rank 1: 0:36
(Agathion + Jack-o’-Lantern = Silky)
(Jack-o’-Lantern + Arsene = Mandrake)
(Silky + Mandrake = Jack Frost) learns Mabufu at level 12

Rank 2: 1:13
(Jack Frost + Apsaras = Makami)
(Jack Frost + Makami = Shiisa)

Rank 3: 1:39
(Arsene + Mandrake = Kelpie)
(Jack Frost + Regent = Nekomata)/(Kaguya/Kaguya Picaro + Kelpie = Nekomata)
(Nekomata + Arsene = Matador)

Rank 4: 2:14
(Kelpie + Mandrake = Berith)
(Silky + Kelpie = Andras)
(Agathion + Arsene = Succubus)
(Succubus + Arsene = Angel)
(Angel + Jack-o’-Lantern = Eligor)
(Berith + Andras + Eligor = Flauros)

Rank 5: 3:01
(Flauros + Matador = Kin-Ki) learns Dodge Psy at level 27
(Kin-Ki + Kaguya = Ame-no-Uzume)

Rank 6: 3:32
(Kaguya Picaro + Matador = Anzu) learns Dekaja at level 28
(Angel + Arsene = Kodama)
(Matador + Jack Frost = Sudama)
(Anzu + Kodama + Sudama = Neko Shogun)

Rank 7: 4:17
(Silky + Pixie = Clotho) learns Tetraja at level 27
(Clotho + Regent = Lachesis)/(Clotho + Ariadne Picaro = Lachesis)

Rank 8: 4:59
(Eligor + Andras = Archangel)
(Eligor + Regent = Thoth)/(Ariadne Picaro + Archangel = Thoth)
(Ame-no-Uzume + Kaguya Picaro = Choronzon)/(Neko Shogun + Izanagi = Choronzon)
(Thoth + Choronzon = Hecatoncheires)

Rank 9: 5:40
(Choronzon + Eligor = Take-Minakata)
(Take-Minakata + Choronzon = Hariti) learns Samarecarm at level 41
(Matador + Regent = Pisaca)/(Anzu + Makami = Pisaca)
(Hariti + Pixie + Pisaca = Bugs)

Rank 10: 6:33
(Jack Frost + Kodama = Isis)
(Isis + Eligor = Lamia)/(Kodama + Berith = Jatayu)
(Lamia + Queen’s Necklace = Dakini)/(Bugs + Jatayu = Dakini) learns High Counter at level 52
(Dakini + Silky = Thoth)
(Angel + Pixie = Anubis)
(Bugs + Anubis = Horus)
(Isis + Thoth + Anubis + Horus = Seth)

P5S – How to create Eligor with Devine Grace

Persona 5 Strikers: Prison Mail 2

Hey guys! Decided to make a guide on this because the ones II saw on here weren’t very clear and too fast to undertand, so I hope this is simpler and I hope its easier to understand because some people rather watch a video then reading how tos

Second part of Lavenza reuest on persona 5 strikers, I hope this are easy to understand, more videos will be posted regarding these requests


New Intro and outro created in Panzoid:

Intro: William Vaulter
Outro: SoundClericFX

Music by: DCI Noot – Memo

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