Milo – How to Recruit, Overview, Tips and Tricks – Triangle Strategy Guide


Milo – How to Recruit, Overview, Tips and Tricks – Triangle Strategy Guide

This page contains information on Milo, a character in Triangle Strategy. Milo is a dancer who first joins you as a spy sent by Hyzante to monitor House

How to Level Up FAST in Triangle Strategy!

As I’m playing New Game+ and trying to catch up my underleved units so I can use new ones, I realized how quickly it could be to level them up and found a really fast method that I figured I’d share. Feel free to let me know if you guys have any more ways to optimize it or figure better ways out!

0:00 Intro
1:03 How Level Ups Work
6:06 The Strat

All music used is from the OST itself.

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How to Break the Game | Ultimate Strategy – Triangle Strategy

Ok, we all know how broken Quahaug is. But we didn’t know that there was a way to use his ultimate multiple times for as long as you like. All you need is Julio. Doesn’t matter what level you are. You just need 2 skills to get this done: Quahaug’s Reverse Space-Time and Julio’s Inheritor. That’s it! Freeze a boss, keep spamming TP, keep casting auto-life, focus on few enemies at a time. Hope you like this video. Do subscribe for more content 🙂
0:00 Mechanics Explained
5:25 Hard Mode Demonstration
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Triangle Strategy – Character Synergy Overview & Passive Skills Guide

On today’s video we dive into and research character synergy for the entire cast of Triangle Strategy.
(What works and What’s a Gimmick) – This is an early list and I’d like to hear your guys synergy combos down in the comments.

I’ve created a full doc that breaks down each characters Passive Skill set and how they should be utilized in battle. It’s an early version so expe3ct more updates in the future!

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Google Doc —- ►►

Also Spoiler (I think Giovanna x Corentin) is one of the best in the game ❄❄❄


0:00 Intro
3:35 Serenoa
5:26 Roland
6:48 Benedict x Everyone
8:00 Frederica (Travis – Flame)
10:35 Geela
11:30 Anna
12:35 Hughette
13:57 Erador
15:15 Rudolph x Jens
16:23 Corentin x Giovanna
21:04 Julio x Everyone
21:15 Milo x Lionel
22:46 Cordelia x Geela
24:20 Travis x Fire (Frederica x Trish)
27:10 Avlora
28:05 Hossabarra
29:47 Narve x Ezana (Mage Synergy)
31:43 Medina x Everyone
32:39 Jens
33:45 Maxwell
34:52 Archibald x Ezana
36:00 Flanagan
37:30 Ezana x Narve x Corentin
39:30 Lionel x Milo x Julio
40:10 Groma
41:35 Piccoletta x Jens
43:40 Decimal
44:17 Overall Game Synergy Spiel
44:59 Quahaug x The Whole World
45:28 Team Composition – Unit Placement Discussion

Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips

Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips! Most of the tips are geared towards recruitment, and accessories you can get early in the game that will help you out.

0:00 – Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips!
0:59 – Early Useful Accessories
2:45 – Use the Mock Battle Close Quarters Combat for Quality Materials
3:01 – Red Scarf gives HP Each Time You Kill An Enemy
3:35 – Recruiting Characters are Based on Your Conviction Values
5:04 – Leveling New Recruits Goes QUICK if They’re Underleveled
5:38 – Spices Are a MUST to Have on Hand!
6:20 – Combat Tips at the End Card!
Art Credit: @Zoddman on IG!
– Triangle Strategy – Reinforcements